The New Inning

New Inning, New Beginning.

Say Yes to Holistic Health Self-Care & Healing

WHAT IS The New Inning?

The New Inning is an initiative focusing on HEALING & holistic health. TNI was originally envisaged for close family members by caring professionals worried about their own families. After amazing success in making life-changing contribution to the loved ones, nears & dears, the team has decided to welcome more members in the TNI family who are willing to or if a loved one wants to gift to families as TNI believes in One Love, One Humanity & One Family. The New Inning believes in Holistic Healing & lucky to have the highest standards of international quality Healers led by British multidisciplinary professionals with the global team providing a comprehensive range of high-quality holistic services tailored to individual needs to focus on ProActive and preventive approach rather than just being Reactive. The New Inning aims to build an ecosystem of holistic care guided by Scientific knowledge in the multi-dimensional holistic plane, the professional experience of the global team delivering service at the highest international standards & the grand Civilisational Ancestral wisdom. TNI provides HomeCare along with the expert advice by global international team about holistic aspects of Health including Mind, Body & Soul. Health awareness, Pharmaceutical reconciliation, Dietary supplementation, Life style modification, Agility training, Expectations management & better outcome by three dimensional approach from global experts tailored to individual needs.​


  • Monthly Virtual Consultations
  • Diabetes review
  • BP monitoring
  • Sugar/Diabetes Check
  • Body Weight Progress & other vital parameters
  • First Aid Training
  • Basic Life Support Training

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  • Basic Plan Feature
  • One-to-one Tailored Questions via Video Call/phone call
  • Access to Virtual Health Sessions
  • Schedule Consultation with Global Medical Specialists
  • Relationship Counselling


  • Basic + Focused Plan features
  • Second Opinion From Global Experts
  • Full 3D assessment
  • Dietary Nourishment Consultations
  • Pharmaceuticals Reconciliation
  • Psychological Counselling - Emotional Health
  • Psychosocial & Holistic Assessment with Tailored Plan
  • Medical Review

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